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Hello, and welcome to this online training on how to present your thesis with impact.

This training is meant to help you prepare for your thesis presentation. Lots of those presentations are a bit boring. That is sad, and unneccessary.
We already helped lots of graduates at Info Support to prepare a fine presentation, ready to deserve a high grade.

Ideas for this training come from several sources, including

The way it works is simple: you invest a lot of time in preparing a presentation with a clear structure and a compelling message. This presentation is easy to follow and easy to present, giving you room to be totally present while presenting.

Graduates that used these tips received great marks, we invite you to do the same 😉

Myth Busting Presentation Tips

When you're preparing for your thesis presentation, friends often give you advice, even when you did not ask for it.

Some of these tips are useful, some are not. Some are even harmful.
Take this quiz to get valuable insights.

The quiz is taken in groups. We have three groups: group1, group2 and group3.

Each group received a login and a password.

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