How To Find Agile Conferences

For me as cross pollinator, conferences are great places to meet great people, to learn and share new and amazing subjects and to get exciting ideas.
Almost every week agile conferences take place somewhere around the world. It can, however, be hard to keep track of all of them.
It would be unfortunate when you miss an event just because you did not hear about it. It would also be embarrassing when you organize an event yourself, and find that similar events take place on the exact same days.
Fortunately, there is a community-maintained public Google calendar of global conferences focusing on agile. The calendar was created by Yves Hanoulle and is available on . The Agile Alliance embraced these calendars and published them on their website.

Available as public Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a Master Calendar that aggregates individual calendars in one place. You create or sign in with your Google account.
Your Google Calendar may include your own personal and business calendar, and any public calendars that you subscribe to.
On any available public calendar, just click on the ‘+' to add  that calendar to your Google Calendar.
When you're not using Google Calendar, a shortcut in your browse can be your best friend.

Three different calendars

Most well known is the Agile Conferences Calendar, the one referenced on the Agile Alliance website, on Yves Hanoulles website and through 
We also have the Agile Events & (Free) training Calendar, a calendar for one day events and free events
And finally we have Agile Conf Submissions, it contains submission periods to agile conferences/events.

Due to COVID-19 lots of events got cancelled or turned to online. On the calendars, these events usually start there name with ‘Cancelled' or ‘Online'.

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